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my vacation is over!!!! no!!!!

well what lovely non starbucks days i have had.. so little stress in my life... it was nice...

friday: i woke up and went paid off my loan which made me so happy... its over .. ace can't have anymore of my money dammit! then i spent the majority of the day with justin... i dragged him to the stores to get decorations for my halloween party and we went and ate cheeburger cheeburger... go there and get a chocolate covered banana peanut butter shake.. they are yummy!

saturday: i woke up and spent the day cleaning and getting ready for my ho down... spent the afternoon with KATY! hahah i like making her name KATY! because thats how i always say it... i drove her car and couldnt work her keys.. i am retarded... the party was cool... had oodles of fun ::::evil grin:::: not too many people showed up which bummed me out a little bit but my closest friends did and thats what matters :)

sunday: we went to the el football game which was ok .. it just frustrated me because the saints like gave miami the win but we still had fun... the whole crowd was making paper airplanes and we joined in the fun.. my mom hit a couple people in the head... then after the game me and tim went to pasta gardens and some random people knew me.. i have no clue who they were... hmmm....

monday: we didnt do anything specaturlar for halloween... we just went to my cousins annual halloween party then spent the night in bed together.. then i made tim all aggrevated because i made him stay up until midnight so i could kiss him on his birthday.... but then he was happy i made him stay up

tuesday: me and tim spent the whole day together... alone... which is RARE for us.. we ate breakfast at ihop and we went to the planetarium and the arts and science museum... we were the only ones at the show so the announcer kinda personalized it for us... it was funny.. we watched a sky show about louisiana fall stars and an animation about kids visiting the planets in a cardboard rocket.. funny part is that they didnt pronounce uranus (your anus) because it was a kids show hahah... after we left there we went to global wildlife center in robert, louisiana... we were also the only ones there too so we got a private tour... usually you go out to see and feed the animals in covered wagons but we went with one tour guide in a jeep wrangler... it was cool to have 4 giraffes sticking their heads in your lap for food hahaha... yay for that! and tim made a llama girlfriend (or as tim would say lame-a) we ate a smokey bones for dinner and came home for some massage oil fun and i will spare the details.... oh and i got to make fun of tim because we were watching a sonic commerical and they were talking about how many foot long coneys it took to make a mile and he didnt put two and two together (they are a foot long!!) and was like what dumb ass calculated how many extra long coneys were in a mile... yeah i laughed for like 5 minutes...

wednesday: today was kinda sad because it was my last day.. it it started off really crappy.. i woke up with THE PAIN.. and for those who never heard me speak of the pain its my acid reflex and it feels like you are having a heart attack in the middle of your chest for hours at a time.. tim worked all day and i went with my mom to my cousin amanda's birthday dinner at lone star... it took them an hour to seat us then we ordered (most of us ordered chicken) they came back and said they were out of chicken and after almost two hours we got our food but it was free so yay for free food...

and now i am here typing this and trying to think of a movie to watch with tim...

all in all i say it was a good vacation
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