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louisiana is not the sportman's paradise or the pelican state or the home of mardi gras or any of these anymore.. we are now the state of chaos... theres so much crap happening in and around new orleans... latest news in there is looting, murdering, raping, suicides, and gang wars everywhere in new orleans... there is also an alligator problem... not sure if anyone knows arron neville (singer) well his sister is a news reporter and she came down to help (the family is from here) and she was trying to get an old man rescued that was in a wheelchair.. well an alligator jumped out the water and took that old man away... now that is one of my biggest fears.. being eaten alive... god what a mental picture... our friend lynette that comes into starbucks all the time has been called to go to new orleans to help with the rescues.. she is a EMT and she came in before she left and held my hand and i just got the chills all down my spine.. i am so worried about her.. baton rouge and surrounding areas have a curfew.. starbucks is closing at 6 pm and even walmart isnt 24 hrs anymore... (i dont know about all of them but most arent) now when you dont have walmart at 2 am, you know something is wrong... and baton rouge has doubled its population in under a week... craziness.. getting gas is like an hour wait.. and people are fucking scared

but ..

I HAVE THE GREATEST NEWS EVER! of course anyone that reads this needs to forget they read it because it's on the down low right now but erin (my store manager) just called and she was talking to jenn (our district manager) about an idea i really wanted to do....

idea: to take the i love new york shirts and change them to i love new orleans and donate the money to the city... of course i didn't have the money to make the shirt....

so yeah

starbucks is going to make that happen for me...

this is going to be huge...

i finally feel like i am doing something about this depressing situation...
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