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i just can't stop thinking about today and the baby and what not... a little update.. jamari came out so quick when the contractions started he didnt have time to get all the fluid out of his lungs and himself ready for delivery... so he is in baby icu but it't not anything serious.. the fluid is making him breathe a little heavy..and they did an xray he has a little air pocket outside of the lungs.. they said he should be fine but they wanted to keep him over night just in case.. but everyone knows me ... i worry and worry...

but yeah.. child birth...

everything i ever heard about it is always so great ... like:

1. "it's so beautiful"
2. "it's the mircale of life"
3. "it was so amazing to see my child born"

etc etc

but they always leave out the nasty shit i learned today like

1. when you loose control of your bottom half because of the pain killers you loose control of passing gas
2. when you are pushing you also piss and shit on yourself with all the blood and clumps
3. you have like 9000 people centered on your hoo hoo and it looks all huge and bloody
4. the doctor and nurses just come in and put their fist in your like it is nothing...
5. you get ripped open and they have to stitch you up again
6. while they are cleaning the baby the doctor is still there ripping everything out of you.. like the cord..


no baby for me... EVER!

i like my hoo hoo the way it is... and control how many people see it..

but jamari is so fucking cute! yay! i feel bad for amanda.. she has only got to hold him for like 2 minutes before they kidnapped him and sent him to be watched...

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