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so a random thought from me today while watching tv... i should buy KIDS.. that was a great movie.. casper... yeah he was hot.. i wonder what he is up to these days... internet search : justin pierce..... results? he hung himself a few years ago in a las vegas hotel... WHAT THE FUCK?!?! that is insane... i had such a crush on that guy... if you never seen kids or know who casper is.. he also played roach on the next friday.... (the one white guy in the movie)

brandie = sadness

50 minutes and counting until i have to get dressed and go to hell i mean starbucks... i am not sure what is up with the schedule... we are doing so much business and there was me and joey scehduled to close last night... like that makes any sense.. then erin called up there last night and was asking all these weird questions about sunday morning.. apparently some dumb cunt whore complained because there was no signs on the pastry case, someones shirt was too short and she saw back skin and one of our employee was smoking with his apron... all i said was we were busy and trying to carch up from the worlds worst close (NOTHING was STOCKED) and i am sorry i cant make ever whiney bitch that comes to get her over priced coffee happy..

i have been job searching... i need to get the fuck out of there...
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