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the word of the day today kids is HATE

i HATE starbucks

i have offically lost rspect for starbucks and any "pride" i had for the company... in the last few weeks our store has been a caffine hell... our business has more than doubled and we are steadily loosing employess. If this shit keeps up there will be NO employees because everyone is getting sick of this bullshit. We works hours upon hours without lunches and breaks. We give 110% to just be under paid and treated like dog shit by our customers. We are suppose to take it and deal with it. We aren't suppose to talk about it, but even our store manager got a taste of it and she wanted to leave after a customer let off some steam on her. that happens to us everyday. more than once a day. it's ridiculous. then on the 2nd of this month i got a weird $500 deposit into my account. i had no clue where it came from. a few days later i got a letter in the mail from my bank saying it was wired into my account by the starbucks cup fund ( a fund to help partners in need) ... so yeah i figured that they were trying to help us out because we did loose power, days of work, and had family staying with us so i spent the money on overdue bills.. i go into work and erin told me that it was a mistake we got the money and they wanted to take it out of our accounts... apparently the people with direct deposit got the money but the people without it never received their checks because it was a mistake (or did they change their minds?) maybe old howard needed to pay his monthly payment on his bmw... anyway so she tells me this and is freaking out because her $500 went to a new mattress.. and if they would of taken $500 out of my account that would of left me with -$480 plus all the nsf charges which they didnt even think about until erin talked to our dm because she didnt have the $500 in her account either... they don't pay us enough to make $500 a paycheck to have that kind of money in our accounts.. we arent receiving the bonuses our dm is getting because of our store doing so good.... then it went to we are going to take it out of your next 5 to 10 paychecks... 5 paychecks would mean i would be bringing home $500 a month and that is not even the amount of my rent.. i havent heard anything since that day but i do not doubt it will resurface... our blood and sweat is equaled to nothing... then the boston globe comes to do a story about our store because all the rescue guys have been raving about us.. the key thing is they were raving about my store and my fellow workers. the ones that come in everyday and work their asses off for peanuts... so yeah i walk into the store when the reporter was there and almost everyone there had nothing to do with our "great store" they were employees, but not when all the shit hit the fan and we had lines out the door... there was my store manager, a new orleans store manager, our dm, a newly transfered shift (her 2nd day) and 2 of our employees that were on drive thru.. the point to the reporter coming was to see first hand what everyone was talking about.. and that was NOTHING like we were doing.. they took what starbucks considers "customer service" and fed it to those poor people so fakely, it made me sick... and the article came out:

A Starbucks becomes a port after the storm

By Sasha Talcott, Globe Staff | September 17, 2005

GONZALES, La. -- They drive up to the Starbucks store here in Humvees, wearing Army camouflage fatigues with guns strapped to their hips. They leave carrying crates of drinks -- mocha Frappuccinos, mostly, with whipped cream and straws -- careful not to spill as the wide vehicles bounce over the curb, too big to fit in parking spaces.

This store in Gonzales, the last open Starbucks before the devastation of New Orleans, has become a hub for police and rescue workers here, who work 12-hour shifts guarding against looters and carrying on the grim search of the city's fetid floodwaters.

''This is a little bit of civilization," said Scott Smith, a task force leader here for the swift water rescue team, who ordered a latte with four shots of espresso. Like many other weary customers, this is their primary source of caffeine. He has spent the last several weeks on boats in the New Orleans water looking for people to rescue. In the last several days, though, he has found only dead bodies floating in the muck.

At the Starbucks, where nearly every customer has been affected by the hurricane, employees have quit asking, ''How are you doing?" because they are afraid of what they might hear in response. Instead they say, ''We're glad you're here."

In line, two paramedics mentioned just before ordering their drinks that their rescue dog had taken a sip of the New Orleans floodwater and died a half hour later. Another couple, on their way to visit their New Orleans home for the first time since the storm, worried that it was under water.

As rescue workers and evacuees have inundated the area, business at the Gonzales Starbucks has doubled. It has run out of most breakfast foods, especially coffee cake and blueberry muffins. Employees started serving jumbo cookies in the mornings instead.

There also has been a run on Starbucks' largest drink size, venti. The store ran out of venti cups and lids for the next-largest size, grande. ''We had one guy get eight shots" of espresso, said Jennifer Hicks, Starbucks' district manager.

While waiting for her nonfat latte, Ruth Landis leaned over the coffee bar to talk to a Starbucks employee, who asked how her home had fared. She told him she was one of the lucky ones: ''We have two trees down, and no fencing, but that's what insurance is for," she said.

Many of the customers at the Gonzales Starbucks store are on their way to help the hundreds of stranded dogs and cats in New Orleans that their owners were forced to abandon in their homes. Some of the pets have not eaten since the storm.

''I found two dead dogs and a dead cat," said Jim Shimberg, a volunteer here from Campton, N.H., who went to New Orleans with a car full of dog food to help pets until their owners can return.

Some customers, who have lost everything, come to Starbucks because it is familiar. ''One lady told us, 'I have no control over my house or my car, but I have control over my drink,' " said Hicks, the district manager. The customer's order, at a store in Baton Rouge: a venti soy latte, with one packet of Equal and one of Sweet'N Low, no foam, heated to 160 degrees.

Nearly every evening, a group of military police working at a nearby shelter make a Starbucks run. Brandon Pelke, a specialist in the Arizona National Guard who was designated for Starbucks duty earlier this week, left the store with eight mocha Frappuccinos, which he put on the seat of his Humvee.

Pelke finds the work at the shelter depressing -- some of the evacuees resent the police presence, and the other day, his group had to shut down the showers because of unsanitary conditions.

With all that, he said, Starbucks has become the best part of his night. ''That and Wal-Mart," he said.

BRANDIE NOTE: the "a venti soy latte, with one packet of Equal and one of Sweet'N Low, no foam, heated to 160 degrees" yeah that's E Eric Gaywad's drink he calls the "E" .. his lives here in baton rouge.. what revelence does he have to this story.. he has been to our store maybe 3 times.... i havent seen him in months.. aww E had to go get some poor guy from benny's carwash to wash his SUV after that hurricane rain made it dirty.. i cry for him... and all his money... and our dm.. when has she worked behind the counter.. hold on let me count...... oh i remember ZERO TIMES!

did i mention someone did something to cricket!?!? (my all time favorite customer) and she will never come back... she came in to tell me bye and she couldnt tell me what happened... i guess whoever did it was there...


i HATE cox

cox communications... the leader of evil companies

so yeah the cell phone was getting to be a bit to expensive so i decided to get this bundle package from cox... phone, tv and internet... except it's been a week since i got it and i only get internet and phone for about 30% of the day.. and they are suppose to be coming today to see whats going on.... i was almost shocked and surprise when i had internet for like 4 hours straight and thought maybe they wouldnt need to come and low and behold i come to update my journal and BAM no internet so i go about unplugging the wires in the back to maybe reset it and one of them completely breaks... so here i am 2:15 pm and no internet or phone and i called them on my cell phone estimated wait time "14 weeks.. i now know what they were trying to do....

cox's evil plan: if people get our phone and our shit goes out they wont be able to call us!

but yeah they didnt give me a time they would be here today just "whenever we can get to it"

so they might never come

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